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Repipe Assessment of Repipe Specialists.

Here is another wonderful testimonial submitted in via a brand-new client of Repipe Specialists.

In July this year I called various firms to get rates for bids to repipe our home. Not only did Repipe Specialists provide us with the top price, we’re extremely encouraged by the sales rep that visited our home. Your man had been completely qualified and also showed us the actual water pipe type that would be utilized for the house when we selected their firm to do the job.

After we spoke about the 3 quotes, I selected Repipe Specialists regarding their professional business practices. Our workers arrived on the particular day and time frame that they said they’d get going on the hard work. Towards the end of day, the tasks was actually done. A bit of sod ended up being pulled to be able to install the pipes, and so the turf had been replaced, and it was actually barely visible exactly where they excavated the trench. And after several weeks ever since the job was completed, the front yard pretty much looks as fantastic when it did prior to the services. The very next day after the completely new copper pipes were put in, the sheet rock work was carried out, and was ahead of our expectations in relation to quality of workmanship.

A week later, I needed to speak to Repipe Specialists to have an adjustment made in one of the water valves in the shower. The following morning one of your plumbing experts quickly came to our home to remedy the matter. We felt very pleasantly surprised because the whole repipe job was completed as stated and without delay. So frequently you hear about companies that will not respond once the work is over. This is not a concern with Repipe Specialists.“I would vouch for Repipe Specialists to my closest friends because of the superb service and also their reasonable price to do the job.
- Dave Stringer